Thankful: Day 30

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My last Thankful post goes to my friends. I don’t have that many, but I truly cherish the ones I have. We’ve seen each other through happy & sad times, good jobs & bad jobs, drank lots of drinks and eaten lots of food together! It’s the best counseling I could ever ask for. Cheers!



Thankful: Day 29

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I’m thankful I didn’t win the $550 million PowerBall jackpot last night. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with all that money. After all, money doesn’t buy happiness…but it sure could’ve bought a lot of fabric!

Thankful: Day 28

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Only 3 more Thankful posts left. It’s only fitting that I leave one of the last for my twin sissy, right? How can you put into words how thankful you are for someone you’ve known your ENTIRE life? How many people can say they’ve actually known someone that long? She was there to show me the way out of the womb one Halloween morning 41 years ago and has been telling me what to do ever since! Actually, we do our fair share of trying to tell each other what to do as often as we can…and trying to do the exact opposite of each other! Our mom dressed us the same until we were in 3rd grade and then made the big leap to the same item in different colors.

Our Boxer, Goldie, Andrea, and me!

No matter how hard we tried to NOT be like the other, it still is funny to me sometimes how alike we are. I used to be the crafty one but now Andrea is crafting & sewing up a storm herself! She used to be the big foodie (and took me to see Anthony Bourdain speak even) and now I’m in my very own cooking club, too. I used to be the one all in love with Keith Urban but I distinctly remember her dragging me to the front of the stage at more than 1 of his concerts!

8 months before we moved from Milwaukee to Iowa, she and her husband moved from the Minneapolis area to Milwaukee. I know, not really good timing. And though we don’t get to visit her as often as I’d like to, now that she’s lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom (who should really be called “running-around-always-doing-something mom”) she did find time to come down and visit us here in Iowa a few times this year. We’re going back to Milwaukee for an early Christmas in a few weeks and you can bet she’ll have a drink ready for us upon our arrival (or Bill will have a Brandy Old-Fashioned all mixed up)! Thanks, Sissy!

Thankful: Day 27

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To make up for the customers that made me thankful for my “thick skin” earlier this month, two customers said “Thank you…what you did looks great” today. I guess maybe I should say “good job” a little more often, too.

Thankful: Day 26

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Had to go back to 2009 to find a picture of just me and Mike. It happens to be from the Badger/Hawkeye game in Madison.

I know I would be remiss to not mention Mike during my month of thankfulness. Even though he’s been mentioned in a couple of posts I guess I haven’t dedicated one solely to him! He’s downstairs hooking up a new DVD player to our extra TV right now. I’ve only been nagging him to hook it up since last summer. Last weekend (a long weekend at home) he finally had enough of my nagging and went to hook up the DVD player only to find it wasn’t compatible with our new TV. Being married for 14 years he’s certainly had to endure lots of nagging from me. It took a little more with this DVD player thing but I think he’s almost done!

He also put up with my hair-brained idea a few years ago using an unlimited supply of fabric scraps to make items to sell at craft shows. And he only complains a little when I volunteer at church one night, have book club the next, and cooking club 2 nights after that! He tries to tell me I sign up for too much stuff and I listen to him…once in a while.

Now that Audrey’s getting older and getting better at scheming with me, I’m pretty sure Mike’s going to start to feel more and more outnumbered. Maybe one of the reasons he’s finally hooking up the DVD player to the extra TV is because he’s going to be spending lots more time in that room of the house! So I guess I’ll say “Thank you, honey!” now…because he’s in for a long road ahead!

Thankful: Day 25


I finally finished refinishing the dining room hutch I got from Mike’s mom! I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit in the color “Meadow .” It turned out much better than I expected! I was hoping to have it completely finished by Thanksgiving but a little door/drawer hardware setback put us back a few days. Of course, the new hardware was delivered the day AFTER Thanksgiving. The refinishing part was done on time, though, and I was able to move the cabinet into the house and park my car in the garage once again!

Mike thinks the cabinet looks so awesome that “we” should do the kitchen cabinets to match!

Ta da!

Thankful: Day 24

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I’m thankful for my family…and that Audrey did not try to bring Piglet outside to be in our picture…and that it only took us about 5 tries with the camera mounted on a tri pod using the timer to get this picture (along with a little Photoshoppery).

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