Treasure Hunt

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Audrey and I made the drive to Milwaukee last weekend for a mini Christmas celebration with some of my family. The day after we got there 8″ of snow fell leaving us with a little extra time to spend indoors at my mom’s. THAT meant hunting through the basement to see what goodies were still stored away there from my childhood. I was able to come away with a few goodies: a Battleship game (before they made it with noises and lights), a couple of puzzles (not pictured is my coveted Duran Duran puzzle), some Snoopy comic books, my Spirograph drawing kit and my still-unsolved Rubiks cube (also not pictured)! Thanks for saving all my crap, Mom!



Thankful: Day 18

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My mom calls me every Sunday whether she has news to tell me or not. If I can’t get to the phone she’ll leave a message and say, “Hi. It’s me. Just my Sunday call. No news. You don’t need to call me back.” Sometimes our conversations are 5 minutes and sometimes they’re 25. Usually she calls in the afternoon before the Packers game or sometimes during half time. Today 3:00 rolled around and there was no call. Even though I didn’t have any news except that I had survived rollerskating with Audrey’s Girl Scout troop last Sunday it felt a little strange. Finally at 5:00 she called, taking a quick break from helping my step dad with a project at their new house. The conversation was probably only 10 minutes but it didn’t matter. I got my Sunday call.