Treasure Hunt

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Audrey and I made the drive to Milwaukee last weekend for a mini Christmas celebration with some of my family. The day after we got there 8″ of snow fell leaving us with a little extra time to spend indoors at my mom’s. THAT meant hunting through the basement to see what goodies were still stored away there from my childhood. I was able to come away with a few goodies: a Battleship game (before they made it with noises and lights), a couple of puzzles (not pictured is my coveted Duran Duran puzzle), some Snoopy comic books, my Spirograph drawing kit and my still-unsolved Rubiks cube (also not pictured)! Thanks for saving all my crap, Mom!



‘Tis the Season

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In the past, to count down the days until Christmas I had a small wall hanging that looked like Santa with a long beard. It had a little wooden star that moved from pocket to pocket. Cute, but boring. This year, thanks to Pinterest, I made an advent calendar with small bags that held a little goody or activity card inside for each day. I found a free printable for the number stickers on Pinterest and the little bags were made with a Stampin’ Up trick I learned from my sister more than 15 years ago when she was a demonstrator. Why buy small paper bags when you can make them from envelopes you already have? Here’s what I came up with:

Envelopes in the red & green bushel basket that once held pine cones from Milwaukee with love.

Small paper bags in the red & green bushel basket that once held pine cones from Milwaukee…with love.

The 1st bag contained a card that said “Hug Mom and Dad.” Audrey was good and did what the card said and then exclaimed that it was the “worse card ever!” I think I would have to disagree with her!

From Audrey to Zoey


The Iowa Hawkeyes had their first home football game yesterday which meant Audrey’s job of letting our friend’s dog, Zoey, out in the afternoon started back up again – although I don’t know for how much longer she’ll be employed since they’re due to have their first baby in 2 weeks! Audrey loves dogs and babies so I’m not sure which she’s more excited about: seeing Zoey on Saturdays or going to visit the new baby!

A to Z

Orange You A Little Sad?


orangeWhen I was little and took “cold lunch” to school, I remember my mom packing a peeled orange in it for me. Sometimes the outside would be a little dry from the exposure to ai,r but it was still okay. Last week I asked Audrey if she wanted me to peel a clementine for her to take in her lunch. She said, “No thanks. You know it’s hard for me to chew the white stuff on the outside.” I tried to explain to her that the “white stuff” on a clementine isn’t as tough as on an orange and how my mom used to always pack me peeled oranges in my lunch. She still refused. I have to admit it made me a little sad.

Car Seat Makeover


Audrey’s been on a baby doll kick for a while. Probably since July but it seems much longer than that. All she wants for Christmas is this realistic baby doll and all kinds of baby stuff. Real-sized baby stuff: a Pack ‘n Play, a stroller, a play gym, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, clothes, you name it. If they make it for a human baby, she wants it for this baby doll she thinks Santa is getting her. During a complaint about all of this to my hair dresser (Brooke) just over a week ago she offered up a car seat to me…for free! It was a hand-me-down to her and she offered to hand it down to me! I was going to give it to Audrey for Christmas but Mike said I couldn’t give her a hand-me-down as a present. So I just told her about it, which I immediately regretted since I didn’t know how long it would be until Brooke would be able to dig it out of her basement and give it a quick clean-up.

Well, ladies & gentlemen, yesterday was the big day. Audrey was super excited about it but about 3 minutes after we picked it up asked if we could get a new cover for it. We went to Jo-Ann’s to see if a pattern to make it was available (and on sale). We found a pattern but it was NOT on sale. I then turned to Pinterest where I found a custom made one available for $98. No thank you. However, I also found a blog that had instructions on how to tackle this project. Her’s was much more elaborate than mine but hey…this is for a doll for crying out loud. So after a trip to the quilt shoppe for some fabric and about 10 hours of ripping out seams, cutting fabric & sewing pieces back together, Audrey now has a cute car seat anxiously awaiting her new baby doll. And I still have more Christmas cookies to bake.

Before: blue & green plaid. Okay, but not cute.

Before: blue & green plaid car seat. Okay, but not cute.

carseat 2

After: cute little bunnies and stars!