I am parked in a place I said I would never be…the pick-up lane at HyVee waiting for my online grocery order. Yes, I caved 3 weeks ago and tried shopping for our groceries with HyVee Aisles Online.  I normally don’t shop at HyVee because their prices tend to be higher than Wal-Mart, but I was at an all-time low in the energy/motivation department so I figured what the heck?  I just picked up my weekly groceries for the third time today.

One of my struggles with grocery shopping was getting the right kind of snacks/food for Audrey. It was torture for her to come to the store with me and I hated listening to her complain that I never brought home the right snacks for her. Now she shops online (something she loves to do) and picks out what she wants and everyone is happy!

To qualify for HyVee’s free pick-up or delivery service you need to spend a minimum of $100. I usually spend at LEAST that every week at Wal-Mart so I figured it’d be no sweat for my total at HyVee! The first time it wasn’t a problem. The last 2 weeks, however, my total has been less so I’ve had to pay a whopping $2.95 service fee. I still have groceries for 5 meals during the week but I’m thinking shopping online helps me stay more focused and throw less crap in the cart. On the fence about getting groceries online? Try it! You might like it!