I subscribed to Stitch Fix last October looking for a little help in the fashion department. I can never decide on what to buy when I’m at the store and parting with my money is a little difficult sometimes, to say the least. With Stitch Fix, the clothes come to me every 6 weeks or so (based on the style profile I created with my account), I pick what I like, and send back the rest! Even though sometimes the prices are more than what I would pay at the store, once it’s actually in my house, it doesn’t seem like so much! Here are some of the things I received this month:


Winona Crystal Medallion Necklace by Romolo – KEEPING IT!



Forster Henley Top by Market & Spruce – KEEPING IT!



Landy Airy Knit Sweater Tank by RD Style – KEEPING IT!



Whitnee Button Neck Striped Shift Dress by Loveappella – Made me look like 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb bag…sending it back

I also got a pair of cropped black pants. I would have kept them but since I was sending back the dress I decided to send the pants back, too.