I decided to make an Advent calendar for Audrey this year. My great idea had to take a little detour though, because I didn’t have a place to hang it. I did, however, have a green & red small bushel basket in the storage room that would do just fine (post coming soon). I dug out the basket and found a bunch of pine cones in it. There were come big pine cones on top from Jo-Ann’s which thankfully no longer wreaked of cinnamon. After taking those out of the basket, I found tons of itty bitty pine cones that I had used as basket filler one year. Ahh, the decorating that could be done when we didn’t have a cat…

Anyway, I quickly realized that these little pine cones were from when we lived in Milwaukee! I still remember bundling up in my winter coat and crouching under the giant tree on the front corner of our lot to gather as many non-crushed pine cones as I could. Of course now that these were uncovered, I had to find a nice place to put them on display!

pine cones