Anyone who knows dogs knows that personalities of different breeds can be very different. No matter what breed, though, training and socializing at a young age are very important. This leads me to my daily rant:

Mike was outside and a neighbor with a German Shepherd Dog was walking down the sidewalk. We both love German Shepherd Dogs…he used to have one…so he approached the owner cautiously (because he didn’t want to frighten the young dog). The dog aggressively growled and barked at him and refused to even take a treat from his hand. Then the dog lunged at a jogger passing by. After this happened, the owner said, “I don’t know what’s wrong! Our Lab NEVER acted like this.” Hellooo…your dog isn’t a Lab. It needs more training than you probably had to give your Lab. It saddens me that this dog will most likely not receive the proper socialization/training he deserves and will continue on the stereotype that German Shepherd Dogs are mean. Poor guy.