Audrey’s been on a baby doll kick for a while. Probably since July but it seems much longer than that. All she wants for Christmas is this realistic baby doll and all kinds of baby stuff. Real-sized baby stuff: a Pack ‘n Play, a stroller, a play gym, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, clothes, you name it. If they make it for a human baby, she wants it for this baby doll she thinks Santa is getting her. During a complaint about all of this to my hair dresser (Brooke) just over a week ago she offered up a car seat to me…for free! It was a hand-me-down to her and she offered to hand it down to me! I was going to give it to Audrey for Christmas but Mike said I couldn’t give her a hand-me-down as a present. So I just told her about it, which I immediately regretted since I didn’t know how long it would be until Brooke would be able to dig it out of her basement and give it a quick clean-up.

Well, ladies & gentlemen, yesterday was the big day. Audrey was super excited about it but about 3 minutes after we picked it up asked if we could get a new cover for it. We went to Jo-Ann’s to see if a pattern to make it was available (and on sale). We found a pattern but it was NOT on sale. I then turned to Pinterest where I found a custom made one available for $98. No thank you. However, I also found a blog that had instructions on how to tackle this project. Her’s was much more elaborate than mine but hey…this is for a doll for crying out loud. So after a trip to the quilt shoppe for some fabric and about 10 hours of ripping out seams, cutting fabric & sewing pieces back together, Audrey now has a cute car seat anxiously awaiting her new baby doll. And I still have more Christmas cookies to bake.

Before: blue & green plaid. Okay, but not cute.

Before: blue & green plaid car seat. Okay, but not cute.

carseat 2

After: cute little bunnies and stars!