Only 3 more Thankful posts left. It’s only fitting that I leave one of the last for my twin sissy, right? How can you put into words how thankful you are for someone you’ve known your ENTIRE life? How many people can say they’ve actually known someone that long? She was there to show me the way out of the womb one Halloween morning 41 years ago and has been telling me what to do ever since! Actually, we do our fair share of trying to tell each other what to do as often as we can…and trying to do the exact opposite of each other! Our mom dressed us the same until we were in 3rd grade and then made the big leap to the same item in different colors.

Our Boxer, Goldie, Andrea, and me!

No matter how hard we tried to NOT be like the other, it still is funny to me sometimes how alike we are. I used to be the crafty one but now Andrea is crafting & sewing up a storm herself! She used to be the big foodie (and took me to see Anthony Bourdain speak even) and now I’m in my very own cooking club, too. I used to be the one all in love with Keith Urban but I distinctly remember her dragging me to the front of the stage at more than 1 of his concerts!

8 months before we moved from Milwaukee to Iowa, she and her husband moved from the Minneapolis area to Milwaukee. I know, not really good timing. And though we don’t get to visit her as often as I’d like to, now that she’s lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom (who should really be called “running-around-always-doing-something mom”) she did find time to come down and visit us here in Iowa a few times this year. We’re going back to Milwaukee for an early Christmas in a few weeks and you can bet she’ll have a drink ready for us upon our arrival (or Bill will have a Brandy Old-Fashioned all mixed up)! Thanks, Sissy!