Linda & Audrey not having any fun together!

Lucky #13! My “Thankful For” blessing today goes to my mother in-law, Linda. She’s been our go-to babysitter since moving here 7 1/2 years ago. And since October she’s been picking up Audrey and 2 of her friends (and sits with them in her car for 20 minutes) after school every Tuesday before taking them to their after school orchestra class (FYI: Audrey just told us they were having a concert on December 15th).

When we first moved down here and Mike was working Thursday-Sunday, Linda went whever Audrey and I needed her to show us the way to. She’s always got a new recipe (especially a yummy dessert) to try out on us and usually doesn’t complain when I test mine out on her & Chuck!

Most recently, she bought a brand new hutch for her dining room and gave me her old one. This, of course, has resulted in my current garage-overtaking-making-me-leave-my-car-out-in-the-cold refinishing project. The old hutch has been completely transformed and is looking pretty good but I wasn’t too happy about it as I was scraping off my windshield this morning.

Thank you, Linda, for all that you do to help us!