Audrey and I before the North Liberty Fun Days parade a few years ago!

I work a mile from our house and Audrey’s school is a mile from where I work. It’s a pretty convenient arrangement and just one of the reasons why I’m very thankful for my job. When I worked at “that other place” we used to send files for printing to AlphaGraphics. I got to know the guys that worked there and when my hours at “that other place” started to decrease I started bugging the store’s owner that if he needed any help that I was definitely the girl for him! A few years experience working in the quick-printing business (even though it was almost 15 years ago), retail experience, Graphic Design experience and my sparkling personality…what’s not to love? Eventually I broke him down and just over 2 years ago I started working there part-time helping their full-time designer out, some customer service and a little production. A year-and-a-half ago part-time turned into full-time and I’m still there!

Today there was no school because of teacher’s conferences. I brought Audrey to work with me in the morning and Mike came to pick her up at lunch time. Not every place would let you bring your child to work and luckily, she wasn’t the only one there! For a few hours in the morning, she had a REAL baby to take care of! Well, a 10 1/2 month old baby anyway. She was in heaven and baby Aiden seemed pretty happy, too…until he wasn’t watching where he was crawling and hit his head. As boys do, though, he bounced right back!

With all the stress and tight deadlines that come with the territory of graphic design and the quick printing business I’m still very thankful for my job and everyone I work with! As far as the customers go…well that’s another blog post.