If you’ve been watching comments about my “Thankful” posts on my Facebook page you may have noticed my younger sister, Rebecca, ever-so-subtly hinting that I needed to express my thankfulness for her. Of course I am thankful for her and was going to do a post about it. Her “suggesting” has just prompted me to do it a little sooner than I had planned!

Rebecca and Maggie

Yes, I am thankful for my little sissy.  Especially when she was younger and couldn’t stand up for herself and it was easier for my other sister, Andrea, and I to pick on her! Unfortunately for us, however, she learned to find the loop-hole on our orders to go fetch things i.e. taking her sweet time to get us snacks from the kitchen so we’d have to make sure we added the words “Please! Now! Fast!” to the end of every request. Who knew we were unintentionally steering her into her present career choice! She’s also said that our unwillingness to read books to her forced her to learn how to read on her own! What good older sisters we were!

I am especially thankful for everything Rebecca has done over the past few years when our dad got sick and was eventually diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. She was always there to help drive him and our step-mom to his numerous doctor appointments and relay the latest information to Andrea and I. She had also been my dad & Sandy’s “acting counsel”… (and continues to be for Sandy) helping to translate stacks of legal documents. Because apparently, my dad’s throwing the papers on the table and wishing bad things upon those suing him wasn’t getting anything resolved!

Most recently, since my dad died last Winter, she’s been a big help in getting my dad’s headstone for his grave site. She was able to find a place to have his headstone made with a company that was reasonable, understanding and respectful of what our family had just gone through. It’s amazing how people in that business will take advantage of your grief.

So thank you, Becca, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our family. I think we’ll be in town in a few weeks…mind if the 3 of us crash at your house with our 2 dogs?