With my book club book read and 2 weeks until I had to start reading the next one, I decided I need a book to fill the time. I also needed a light read after the dramatic roller coaster of “Defending Jacob.” I went to the online library to try to find a book that I might like and that wasn’t already checked out…a difficult task if you’ve ever tried to do this. The “popular” or best-seller books are always out so I had to try to find something to read that I knew I had never heard of before. The last time I played this game the book I ended up with was actually really good. Well this time I was also pleasantly surprised! I ended up checking out “The Peach Keeper” mostly because (and I cannot tell a lie) I liked the cover picture. It ended up being a very good book about unending friendship (with a little romance thrown in) that, I hate to admit, had an ending that made me a little weepy. Too bad I checked it out or I’d loan it to you.