Let’s see…I’ve covered chairs, a sofa, coffee mugs and now an ironing board. It was my friend Jayne’s birthday and I wasn’t sure what to buy or make for her. I checked out her Pinterest gift idea board and saw a picture of an ironing board cover. I immediately headed to the quilt shop to find some fabric that would be Jayne-approved. I found a paisley design by Amy Butler. I first picked the design and then found that it was an Amy Butler fabric which wasn’t really a surprise since all of her designs are beautiful!

On to the construction of the cover. Nothing more than a giant shower cap, right? For my first try I removed the string that was on my existing board cover and tried to create a new one using the old design. No pattern. Just traced the old cover and went at it. Well, it didn’t fit so great. For my 2nd attempt I decided elastic was the way to go instead of string. I cut some more fabric (a little bigger this time) and started over. This attempt ended with the fabric facing wrong side out when I was done but the third try was the charm! Except that I guessed on how much elastic to use and ended up a little short so I had to add on about another foot or so to make it fit. I’ve almost got the process down pat so if anyone out there would like a new cover for their ironing board let me know!

The extra good news? Jayne just sent me a text to let me know the her ironing board cover fits!