Every time I go to my friend Tina’s house I’m envious of how nice, shiny and clean her wood floors look. Probably because she doesn’t have 2 dogs and a cat tearing around on them every day. Nonetheless, I asked what she used to keep them looking so nice. Her answer? A steam mop.

I’m not really big on cleaning. Anyone who’s been to my house will probably agree with that. I’ll clean up a spill when it happens but don’t usually do the entire floor. I think I’ve cleaned my floors a half dozen times with the Swiffer Wet Jet I bought a few years ago. Half of the time I put the stupid cleaning pad on upside down and had to clean the stupid floors twice!

Tina’s suggestion was to get a Shark with the hand-held attachment to be able to get at smaller spaces…and to get it at Kohl’s when I got a 30% off coupon. Well I just so happened to get a 30% off coupon that week so I started to do my research. I ended up on the steam mop review page of Good Housekeeping’s website and saw that Oreck’s steam mop got an “A.” It’s pros were a longer cord, the larger tank, and the ability to run for 35 minutes before needing to be refilled. The only con was that the cleaning cloth had to be attached manually. I’m not sure if there’s a cleaner out there that will attach it’s cloths automatically but I figured I could live with that. SO…the Oreck is what I picked. I found it at Target.com for $30 less than Amazon.com and $60 less than Oreck’s website! I know…I’m a bargain shopper.

I received my lovely cleaner and fired the baby up yesterday. I filled the water tank about halfway and was able to clean the floors in the kitchen, dining area and 2 bathrooms without having to refill. I had to work a little bit at the spot in the bathroom where dried hairspray had settled into the crevices of the tile but it all cleaned up without me ever having to scrub by hand. I can’t wait to try the attachments to try and remove the hard water deposits from the faucets. Supposedly you can use it on windows, too. That’s just crazy talk.