Audrey’s summer program ended almost 2 weeks before school started which left us needing to find somewhere for Audrey to go. Like many other families in this situation, we decided to go on a little vacation and spent the first of her two weeks off at the Dells with the family of Audrey’s BFF.  Too bad we never got a group shot of the seven of us! 😦

The last three days of summer vacation found Audrey with Mike’s mom. I tell you, the two of them are two shopping peas-in-a-pod. On Monday, Linda took Audrey school supply shopping. Not only did Audrey come home with 3 bags of school supplies, she also brought home a new Build-A-Bear and two Lego sets!

On Tuesday, Audrey tagged along to the furniture store to help pick out a dining room table. Oh, but that’s not all! They swung by the craft store and Audrey got a pom pom monster kit and one of those rubbery toys that grows when you put it in water. It’s a starfish and is actually really cool!

For their last day together, Linda and Audrey started off with mani-pedi’s before heading to Wal-Mart where Audrey managed to win two stuffed animals in a single claw game grab. They celebrated her big win by going to see the movie “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”

Thank you, Linda! We appreciate you being able to watch (and totally spoil) Audrey for the last three days but are afraid you might have to come out of retirement to support Audrey’s shopping habit!