I decided to go in on another book club after not being in one for quite a while (see Cook Club Rules from September, 2011). This one, however, is with a bunch of women I know from working at Common Threads Quilt Shoppe. Everyone wrote the title of the book they thought we should read on a slip of paper and the order we would read them in was determined by pulling the slips out of a basket. I was a little nervous about submitting the title for my book but it was one that I purchased off of the Barnes & Noble bargain shelf called Cross Country Quilters. I thought it would be appropriate and it turns out a couple of people had either read that book and liked it or a read a different book by that author. There was, however, one person who read the card my title was on and ripped it up thinking it was a joke declaring that she was not going to read it. Apparently she has no regrets about ripping up my title (which is still on the to-read list by the way) because she says she thought it was a “how to” quilt book that the owner of the shop put in as a joke.

Our first meeting was tonight at a Mexican restaurant in town to discuss Soul Survivor. It’s a real story about a little boy who was having horrible nightmares almost every night. After a little investigating the boys parents discovered he was reliving memories of his previous life as a fighter pilot in WWII. I really liked the book and we actually talked about it during dinner! Next month is the slip-ripper-upper’s book. I told her it better be a damn good one!