Last night we took Audrey to see Alice in Wonderland at Theatre Cedar Rapids. Before the show we had Cinco de Mayo dinner at Gringo’s, half a block away from the theatre. It was our first time taking Audrey to a play. Her grandma had taken her to see Wizard of Oz at the Englert Theatre a few years ago, though, so she was no newbie to the stage!

Before the show started the actor who played the Doormouse introduced himself to us and told us this version of Alice in Wonderland was going to be nothing like the Disney version we’ve seen! At the beginning of the play the stage was pretty bare: 2 tables, a portable wardrobe and a few chairs with the actors in their street clothes. We were encouraged to use our imaginations. As the performance continued, the stage props & costumes developed and it looked more like the Alice in Wonderland we were familiar with. I don’t remember the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland but in this one, Alice doesn’t think she has an imagination and thinks all stories have to have plot and major content. On her journey through Wonderland she realizes she DOES have an imagination and things can happen just for fun!I  asked Audrey what her favorite part of the play was and, of course, she said she didn’t know but I think my favorites were the Mad Hatter and March Hare. The play is there through the middle of March so you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself!

Disney’s Camp Rock is listed in Theatre CR’s 2012-13 season and Audrey’s already clearing her calendar to go see it!