Believe it or not, Audrey has a friend who’s ALMOST as crazy about American Girl stuff as she is. She also has a dad who can build stuff instead of shelling out $225 for it. Example: McKenna’s loft bed from American Girl. Her friend’s dad decided to tackle the project of making the bed himself and his wonderful wife volunteered him to make one for Audrey, too. If he’s making one, he may as well make two, right? They even took the American Girl catalog to the hardware store to get the right shade of purple to paint it! There was a catch, though. I was going to be the one making the bedding for the two beds. Not a bad deal at all! I took Audrey and her friend to the quilt shop last weekend to pick out fabric for their doll’s bedding. McKenna’s bed was delivered to our house last night. After a quick trip to Jo-Ann’s to get foam for the mattress & Mod Podge for the decorations, the bed is almost complete! We still have to do a ribbon board for by the desk underneath and Audrey has requested some shelving but I think it looks pretty good so far! Audrey even had a little chair that’s the perfect height for the desk. The cat really likes it, too, because we just found her laying on it.