…we’d take them all home!

Last weekend my fearless Girl Scout Troop co-leader, Tina, and I took 8 girls to the Iowa City Animal Shelter. The girls took a vote on who in the community they’d like to help and the IC Animal Shelter won by a majority vote of 8 to 1. The girls got what was supposed to be 30 minutes but turned into an hour-long lesson on what the shelter does. They learned about  what kinds of animals the shelter will take (and that they even had a pig once!), what happens when an animal is brought to the shelter, how many employees & volunteers work there, and how old they’ll have to be before they can volunteer there. To mine & Tina’s relief, you now have to be 18 before you can volunteer there UNLESS one of your parents has completed the cat volunteer training in which can you can be accompanied by that adult. Sadly, neither Tina or I is trained in this capacity. Besides…being in that stinky cat room as a volunteer for any amount of time longer than 5 minutes is WAAAY too much for me.

The girls in the troop also brought a donation of old blankets, towels, sheets & newspapers for the animals at the shelter. Below is a (blurry) picture of our fearless shelter tour guide and Jimmy Stewart, our spokes-cat for the afternoon. Jimmy Stewart loved being around all the girls, much to my surprise, and wouldn’t stop climbing on them and trying to get more and more pets!