Last winter my church sent out a survey asking people what they’d like to be more involved in with the church and if they had any special talents that they could share. Being the dedicated church-attendee that I am, I chose options to try to volunteer without eating up too much of my “free time.” I checked mostly “behind the scenes” stuff and got the call shortly after about assisting with the decorating of the front area of the church with the Worship Team. With Lent fast approaching I met with 2 women from the Team and was asked for an idea for banners to hang on the stage that said different passages from the 6 weekly sermons during Lent and 1 for Easter Sunday. Sometime during that lunch meeting I agreed to creating these banners!

A few days later I received enough felt for six 19″ x 7.5′ banners. I printed out some images at work (thank you, Nick) for the top part of the banner and, every week, paint the different sayings on the bottom 6′ of felt. I use acrylic paint on black felt so I need to do at least two coats depending on how the paint sticks to the felt and also the color of paint I’ve chosen. It takes me about 3 nights to do one banner and am working on the 2nd to last one this week. I mostly paint at night when Audrey & Mike are watch TV. I sit in my craft area at my portable table while attempting to listen to every song on my iPod.

Everyone at church loves the banners so much they’re thinking of keeping them up permanently. I was even thanked in the church newsletter & even during the Sunday sermon. So much for being behind the scenes…what will I do with all my free time when Easter’s over and the banners are done?