That’s the title I put on the business card of a restaurant owner once: Part-Time Dishwasher. He thought it was funny but his wife…not so much. At our house we have an appliance instead of a part-time employee to wash most of our dishes. UNLOADING the dishes from the dishwasher, however, is another story. The other night I asked “Can someone please unload the dishwasher for me” while I was cooking dinner. Then I thought to myself: “Those aren’t all MY dishes and it certainly isn’t just MY dishwasher. Why do I even have to ask?” No one heard my request and instead of repeating myself at a higher volume, I just emptied the dishwasher while cooking dinner.

The next day at work I asked my co-worker why I felt I had to ask the dishwasher be emptied for me and at what point exactly did I assume responsibility for this appliance? Apparently she suffers from the same dilemma. I guess the answer will never be known. And why don’t I look as glamourous as the woman in the picture above while unloading the dishes?