On this, Halloween night, and the last evening of the Month of Cynthia, I can honestly say it’s been one of the best “Month of Cynthia’s” I’ve ever had! This month I was lucky enough to: Have floor seats (thanks to an awesome brother in-law) to see Keith Urban (and Jake Owen) in concert in Milwaukee with my sisters, I can now say I’m a “Coach Girl” thanks to an early birthday gift from Mike, I no longer have a nasty-burned-all-over-the-inside toaster oven thanks to Audrey, and my boss even had a birthday BBQ lunch for me. I ALSO got to celebrate my birthday at least 4 times this month which isn’t too shabby. The happy birthday text messages started rolling in around 7:45am with the first one being from my nephew training to be a Marine out in California. I’ll never shy away from my birthday and love that it’s on Halloween. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes (and those who didn’t but meant to). It was the best 40th birthday ever.