Just in case you haven’t heard, my birthday is this month which makes it the Month of Cynthia. Okay, it’s the Month of Andrea, too. To celebrate, we headed over to Milwaukee last weekend to see Keith Urban (who else?) in concert. It was awesome, of course. There were a total of 12 of us who went. Eight of us stayed for the whole concert (6 girls and 1 guy). Too bad for those who left early because they really missed out.

The 2nd night of our 4-day weekend we celebrated Miss Emily’s 4th birthday. Okay, it’s the Month of Emily, too. The party theme was PINKALICIOUS complete with cupcakes that looked like they were taken right from the story (a really cute one, if you haven’t read it yet). The birthday girl, however, was a little uncooperative and unwilling to wear her Pinkalicious costume. Oh well.

The 3rd night was the celebration of mine & Andrea’s 40th birthday. There were drinks, lots of food, and a birthday cake with the number “80” on it (40 x 2…get it?) and LOTS of candles. I don’t know if there were 40, but it sure was bright! Luckily no smoke detectors were set off.

It was back to work today and after another good night’s sleep tonight I should be recovered from the weekend of festivities and ready for another weekend!

The birthday girls (and our YOUNGER sister)!

Did I mention I have a guitar pick from the concert? Oh yeah. I’m a superstar!