Mike and I recently acquired a small, upright freezer. The only place where it made sense to put it was in our storage room. The only problem was that the storage room was already storing lots of stuff…mostly empty boxes from past purchases. You know, the boxes you keep thinking you’ll need them some day. Once I started purging empty boxes I found that we had LOTS of them. As I was pointing them all out to Mike he spotted 2 and said, “Wait. You have TWO sewing machine boxes? Do you have TWO sewing machines?” to which I replied “Yes!” He asked where they were so I told them they were (of course) in the vicinity of my craft table. Logically, he asked WHY I had 2 machines and suggested I sell one. I told him the older machine was the one I got before we were married to sew slipcovers for our couch & chair and since it was my first sewing machine I figured it would be better to save it for Audrey or let his mom, who is thinking of starting to take up sewing again, borrow it. The OTHER machine was an inexpensive one I got at Wal-Mart but it does a special embroidery stitch that I use for applique’d pieces on quilts – a machine I decided I NEEDEDafter staying up late multiple nights to make a cowgirl quilt for my niece’s birthday. I never had any intention of hiding these from my husband. I guess he’s just learned to stay away from my crafting area. Too bad I can’t say I stay away from his work table in the garage. I DO have extremely limited contact with the iPad though. Does that count?