Audrey drank one of these nifty little Japanese sodas tonight called “Ramune.”  The soda is sealed in the bottle by a marble that plugs the opening. You take off the plastic seal, pop a piece of plastic out, place it back over the cap and, very forcefully, push it down to force the marble down into the bottle so you can drink the soda inside. She had one quite a while ago at a Japanese restaurant in Dubuque and thought it was the neatest thing. We found some at World Market during our Milwaukee visit and bought a couple for a little treat. After drinking it she looked at the bottle and said, “All the words are in Japanese so I don’t know if I should recycle it or not.” I told her to put it in the recycling bin even though it didn’t say so and she replied, “Okay. Because you should NEVER throw glass in the garbage, right?” What a smart girl. If only everyone was as good about recycling as she was.