I downloaded 2 books onto my Nook last week. The first one, “Wings” by Aprilynne Pike, was free which is the perfect price! I guess I should’ve known better than to read it when I saw the author of the “Twilight” books said this was “a remarkable debut.” I really don’t know how that author could have read this book and not wanted to strangle Miss Aprilynne. Without ever having actually read the “Twilight” series, I do know there’s the whole vampire vs human boyfriend love triangle. Well, in this book it’s the fae (fairyland) vs. human boyfriend love triangle. Throw in a few nasty trolls who are out to destroy the gateway to Avalon and you’ve got a mythical drama, ladies and gentlemen! Of course the night I read the whole part with the trolls was when Mike was out of town so I don’t think I fell asleep until 1am. Anyway, it was a pretty fast read and if you had a Nook I think I could lend it to you. Or you could download your own by clicking on the link above. It’s free and includes an excerpt from the next book in the series.

The NEXT book in my 2-for-1 deal today was “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.” I splurged and paid a whole 99-cents to download this one. Another fast read, I was done in 2 nights. While the cover design was not as beautiful as the “Wings” cover it was really funny and actually had me laughing out loud. The madness of this 30-something girl was a little redundant after a while but (spoiler alert) she eventually gets over it by the end of the book. This took had it all: Small town politics, sarcastic comments among friends and stalking a friend’s cheating husband. Again, if you had a Nook I could lend this to you and save you the 99-cents but in this case, it was worth it.