We’ve lived in our house for 5 1/2 years. When we moved in, all the walls were white except for 2 of the walls in 2 of the bedrooms. Little by little I’ve been changing this. Our kitchen & living room have vaulted ceilings and I have been putting off painting them. Mostly because it just doesn’t seem right to have an extension ladder in the house. This week I decided my procrastinating should end. I tackled one section of the kitchen first – the trickiest part. I’m not usually afraid of heights but climbing up on the ladder and balancing over wooden stairs instead of a level, carpeted floor made me a little nervous. Especially since if I were to fall and land on the stairs, the only ones who would be at home to help me were Piglet (looking up at me from the stairs down below), Mei-Mei (about 10-feet away from the ladder, nervously awaiting my descent) and Leo (sleeping on his chair in the family room). Anyone ever taught their pet to dial 9-1-1?