Even with Audrey’s birthday sleepover happening last Saturday night I was able to get away from the house for an hour to go to church (and leave the last 2 kids at home with my sick husband). A friend of mine’s baby was being baptized so I had extra motivation for trying to get there.

Every week the Pastor has all the children come up onto the stage to share a little story with them. Audrey used to go up with all the kids but now has no desire to participate. Who knows why…

 Anyway, I digress. The story the Pastor told to the children this week was about 2 men taking a leisurely walk through a forest. They were minding their own business when a black bear appeared. One of them climbed up a tree leaving his non-tree-climbing-friend to fend for himself. The man on the ground remembered that you should play dead if ever approached by a black bear, so this is what he did. The bear went up to him, nudged him a couple of times, whispered something in his ear, and walked away. Amazed at the sight (and after the black bear was long gone), the man who was in the tree came down from his perch and asked his friend what the bear whispered in his ear. No longer playing dead, the other man said the bear told to find better friends…friends that won’t desert you in times of need…friends who will stick with you even when things aren’t always fun. This got me thinking…I don’t have a large circle of friends but I believe the ones that Ido  have would have either helped me up the tree to flee from the bear or laid with me on the ground and played dead. If you are reading this and you are my friend, thank you for being there!