No, it’s not because our family is growing. I know that will be the conclusion jumped to if the day ever comes that I am able to trade my sedan in for a minivan. We had a minivan when Audrey was first born, which came in very handy to hold our 3 dogs and all Audrey’s gear for our road trips to Iowa. Shortly after moving here it felt like I was driving around a big waste of space. Four years later, I find myself wishing for one again…especially now since Audrey’s birthday is just around the corner. In order to take her and 3 friends to the place she wants to go, we have to take 2 cars. THAT’S not very practical. Since I really like the Kia I’m currently driving, I’ve got my eye on a newly-used Kia Sedona. Now all I need is to figure out how we can afford to go from having no car payment, to a minivan payment. My guess is it won’t be happening anytime soon.