Mike’s Grandpa Merlin passed away this week. He was 87 years old and reminds me very much of my own Grandpa. The picture in this post is my favorite one of him and I (not that there are a lot). It was taken at our wedding. I had asked Merlin a few months before if he would dance with me when the special day was here. He said he would…if they played a polka. I knew this was a sure bet since I don’t think there’s such a thing as a wedding in Wisconsin that doesn’t have at least ONE polka played! I can’t remember which polka it was, but as soon as it started I ran over to Merlin to drag him onto the dance floor and he flat out refused. Just as I was through “expressing my displeasure of the situation” to him, the wedding photographer snapped this picture.

Here are my favorite memories of Merlin (besides him NOT dancing a polka with me):
1. He was the first and only person to call me a “firecracker”
2.You should always leave a building through the same door you entered it
3. Cows lying down in the pasture means rain is coming
4. Salted Nut Rolls are really good!
5. It’s always a good time to play cards (something I don’t know if I’ll ever catch on to)

The funeral service for Merlin is today. It’s a bittersweet day. With Merlin’s health quickly declining over the past several months, I am glad he is no longer in pain. The selfish side of me wishes he were still here but I am grateful I knew him as long as I did and that Audrey will always remember her Great Grandpa Merlin.