Last week was our conference with Audrey’s teacher. Of course she’s doing really well. She’s slightly above the level she should be at for reading and is also doing well in math. She just has trouble occasionally staying on task and solving minor disagreements with her classmates. If those are the only issues I don’t think we have anything to worry about. While Mike and I were in the hallway waiting to go in for our scheduled conference time we were looking at all the artwork lining the walls and trying to figure out which picture was Audrey’s. Of course, hers didn’t have a name on the front.

The next day I took Audrey back to school to help with a project her art teacher is working on: painting random blocks on the wall to later put words describing her school in them. While we were there I had Audrey show me which picture was hers (she said she didn’t have time to put her name on the front and that’s why it was missing). Here she is with her creation. Can you guess what animal it is?