During my birthday kidnapping last week, my friends spoiled me with birthday presents. Both were necklaces. One was a set of 4 made by women in a little village (is there such a thing as a large village?) in Africa. Weird that this would be my 2nd necklace made by women in an African village. The other was a necklace my friend found while in Lake Geneva last summer. The box was kinda cute and when I opened it and described it to my friends saying “It’s a necklace and it says ‘Milwaukee’ on it” I started to bawl (maybe it was just the margaritas talking). I set off a chain reaction because  the friend who bought it for me started to cry (not bawl) too saying that when she saw it she knew she had to get it for me. When I got home that night, I told Mike about the necklace and how it made me cry and he said, “So you cried just because it says ‘Milwaukee’ on it?” Yes. Yes I did. I love both of my necklaces and have started trying to plan my outfits around them! Thank you, friends!