Before I left for work on Thursday I put a corned beef in the crock pot (thanks to my sister bragging about the sandwich she had gotten in Chicago). When I got home I found that I had forgotten to turn the crock pot ON. The meat had been sitting in water all day. Gross. So I ran to the nearest grocery store only to find that they DO NOT carry corned beef roasts year round. Dumb. After telling Mike we were probably going to have to go out for diner and expressing my grief over the situation on Facebook I found a recipe for potato soup which I had all the ingredients to make. Woo-hoo! Mike got home and seemed a little disappointed that I had found a home-cooked dinner alternative.

Just before sitting down to dinner I told Audrey she was going to have to hurry and eat or we wouldn’t be able to go to the Halloween party at the local rec center that started at 6:30. She cried to Mike that she wanted to go and he quickly told her to be quiet. During dinner he and Audrey kept looking out the front window. Suspicious. At 6:30 three of my friends walked into the house, gave me 5 minutes to “fix” myself up, and took me out for my birthday! We went to a mexican restaurant a convenient 1 MILE from the house for chips, guacamole and, of course, margaritas. The restaurant staff was nice enough to “gift” me a shot of tequila (something I hadn’t had since my dreadful 21st birthday) and sing happy birthday to me while putting on their lovely birthday sombrero.

Thanks, girls, for kidnapping me! And thanks to Mike and Audrey for not (but almost) spoiling the surprise!