As a graphic designer in college, a few of my classmates worked at a Kinko’s close to campus. Free copies, access to computers & scanners…a graphic design student’s dream! It wasn’t long before I found myself working there, too! However, as I was working 35+ hours/week and taking classes full time I wasn’t feeling so lucky. Kinko’s is where I had my first job as a graphic designer. Well, okay. Desktop publisher. In the days when files were saved on Syquest drives and designed using Aldus PageMaker (in non-design speak: really old technology). It’s also where Mike and I met and made a lot of good friendships so there are a lot good memories from those days.

Fast forward to today. I’m getting all nostalgic because I just started working at Alphagraphics 2 days/week. (No worries, I’m still at Bagolitas for the other 3 days. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I actually had more time to clean the house or do any of that fun stuff.) Today was my first day. It started out with designing business cards for a small construction company (handbags to cinder blocks…easy, right?) and a temporary employment agency, followed by scanning in a 4″x6″ picture to enlarge to 16″x20″, laminating some flash cards for a teacher, printing & folding some brochures and trying my best to avoid answering the phone.

The biggest adjustment? Going from a company where I work with 3 women to one with 3 men. Sportscenter was on instead of Keith Urban. I tried to ignore it but am afraid I may end up absorbing some of the information coming at me. My goal is to get someone to change the channel someday. Maybe a little Food Network or HGTV? We’ll see. And is it weird that I’m a little afraid to use the bathroom?