A friend and I ventured to the What Cheer, Iowa flea market today after the kiddos were off to school. It took just over an hour to get there and when the time came for us to start heading back home we had had enough flea-marketing for the day. Lots of good finds but, of course, also lots of junk. For instance, in the picture below with the “landfill” finds, one of the glasses still had dried leaves stuck to it. Gross. But not as gross as the pheasant wreath. I didn’t see it at first so when my friend pointed it out to me I was only 8-feet away from it, which made my throat start to close up and gag-reflex kick in. I DID manage to find some goodies and if I had one of those metal grocery caddies on wheels I would’ve bought a lot more! This was the last flea market of the year since it’s all outside. I’m definitely going to mark my calendar for when they start back up next year!