There are no good breakfast places in North Liberty. The closest choices are a Village Inn or IHOP, both in Coralville (which are only 7 miles down the road but not quite worth the trip) and the wait for a table is atleast 10 minutes on a non-home-football game day. The only non-Mexican restaurant in town just started offering Sunday brunch but they’re always packed, and parking is horrible! There IS a coffee place in town but what if I just want a place that I can go and get some eggs, toast and corned beef hash? Is that too much to ask? There aren’t any bakeries, either. This leads me to my dream (not lifelong, but just of the last 2 years): I need to open a restaurant that serves pie. All day. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. There’s nothing wrong with a slice of apple pie for breakfast, is there? There could be quiche, too. And pizza is sometimes referred to as a pie, right? That would take care of lunch. Then there’s good ol’ pot pie or shepherd’s pie for dinner. So who’s with me?