A dear friend and coworker got a brand new, shiny, red laptop. She wanted to keep it new and shiny and asked if I would sew a case for it. She picked out the fabrics and after a few weeks of brainstorming (and sewing mug caddies) I finally sewed it last night. Her only request was that it didn’t have a hook & loop closure. I didn’t think a magnetic snap would be a good so I went with a button…because it made it look so cute! Having never sewn a laptop case I was a little nervous about how to go about it. Once I thought about it (and did a little research online) I realized that it was, after all, nothing more than a giant Bitsy (you’ll have to click the link if you don’t know what a Bitsy is). As a former Bagolita seamstress, I’ve sewn quite a few Bitsys in my day so once I figured out that whole thing, the rest was easy! I thought I was all done (and rather proud of myself) until I unveiled it to my friend this morning at work…and it didn’t fit. The case was 1/2″ too narrow! After an hour of ripping-out-seams it was sewn back together and now fits like a glove! Mike thinks I should add them to my next craft show. I say, if you want one, you can place your order by emailing me the dimensions for your laptop and color preference (please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery)!

LOVE the fabrics she chose!

Case closed.

The addition of a pocket was my idea!