As I mentioned in my “Inspiration Board” post, today was the Downtown Association of Iowa City’s Art + Craft show. This was the first year for it and since it was in the pedestrian mall (one of my favorite places to be in Iowa City) I knew I it would be a good time to get my first craft show booth under my belt. I sewed my little heart out for the past several weeks to make 51 of my “Mug Tool Belt” creations only to be awaken at 6:30 this morning by a thunderstorm. Mother Nature came through for me, though, and the rain ended at 8:00 just as me and my “bestie” Jayne found our spot and set up shop! I got TONS of compliments by people who did and didn’t  purchase a “tool belt.” One woman even bought SIX! By noon half of my merchandise was sold and at 2:00 when the rain returned I only had 15 left so we closed up shop and headed home. My goal was to sell enough to pay for the show registration fee and a Nook digital book reader. I met both goals (plus a little extra) and am now trying to think of what else I can make to sell at the show next year!

A HUGE “thank you” to Jayne for picking me up so early the morning after her 30th birthday party to help me set up at the show so I didn’t have to drag Mike & Audrey downtown with me. I owe you one!!!