After being a crafter for as long as I can remember. I don’t remember when the first craft show I ever attended was but I do remember chuckling at some of the items for sale, turning up my nose and saying, “Geesh. I could make that!” and never, ever making it. Well the “put up or shut up” voice in my head is giving me a headache so I’m finally going to have a spot at a craft show.  The big day is next Saturday at the “Art Happens Art + Craft Show” in Downtown Iowa City. Remember the post I did with the coffee mug organizer thing? I’m going to be selling those. I’ve got 31 of them made so far and hope to have a total of 50 done by show time.

The picture below is the bulletin board that hangs on the wall above my craft table. All of my favorite things are posted on it. Whenever I need a little break from having my nose-to-the-craft-table for too many hours I look up and smile a little smile. Just in case it looks like a big, jumbled mess to you, this is what some of the items are:

– picture of me & Mike from an Iowa/Wisconsin football game in Madison
– pictures of me with my Milwaukee BFF’s Betsy & Chris
– picture Audrey in a silly spider hat for Halloween (my favorite holiday)
– “I heart Milwaukee” luggage tag from my sister
– picture of my adorable niece, Maggie
– ribbons for sewing 500+ items for Bagolitas
– People magazine covers of KU
– craft projects from Daisies