Today is mine and Mike’s 12th wedding anniversary. We went out Friday night (thanks to the offer of free babysitting by some friends and a $50 gift certificate) to the Motley Cow Cafe in Iowa City to celebrate. I really liked my dinner of smoked trout salad (smoked trout on a bed of roasted baby beets and toasted bread crumbs) and braised lamb shank. Mike wasn’t too impressed with his standard house salad and beef tenderloin. It was nice to spend some time in Iowa City, though, because it reminds us both of the years we spent on Milwaukee’s East Side.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t reminisce on some of the things our marriage has “survived” so far:
-the loss of 2 dogs and gaining 2 more plus a cat
-the purchase of 2 houses, selling 1 house, and moving to a different state
-having 1 VERY dramatic daughter (and unsuccessfully trying for almost 4 years for another)
-almost a dozen home-improvement projects
-2 family vacations
-losing some friends & family, but gaining even more
-most importantly: Mike being a fan of the Hawkeyes and me being a fan of the Badgers

Happy anniversary, honey! xoxo