Patty Play Pal for $200!

Childhood memories for $35

Yesterday we decided to drive to Kalona for the afternoon. Of course it would’ve been good to know the street with the store I wanted to visit was completely torn up. The sidewalk, however, was not, so we were still able to go to the Pink Begonia – a store I had read about in Room magazine (a monthly magazine published by the Press Citizen). Lots of cute things in the front of the store that opened up to 2 stories of antiques. Flashback to my garage sale last summer: I had two 3-foot tall dolls from the late 1940’s that everyone was afraid of so I ended up having to give them away. How much were these dolls selling for at Pink Begonia? $200-250! This also leads me to the phrase needs to be carved into my tombstone if I were going to have one (those who know me, know I’ve said it before): “I told you I was right.” Those that were afraid of the dolls now owe me a minimum of $300. Pay up, scaredy cats.

I digress. In another store, I also found this little cash register bank. My dad had a black one that we always played with (you know, putting money in and then trying to open it so we could get our money back since it wouldn’t unlock until it had reached a certain dollar amount). It is now at the house of one of my sister’s. I found one extremely similar to it – it’s red, where the one my dad had was black. $35 was how much it was selling for. I thought about purchasing it for a couple of minutes, then I decided I’ll just swipe my sister’s when she’s not looking.