Tomorrow is “Kids Day at Kinnick.” A family-friendly day (a.k.a. no obnoxious, drunk college kids) to watch the Iowa Hawkeye football team practice and player get autographs, team rosters, schedule posters and magnets. Mike is planning on going with his stepdad. I reminded him that it was kid’s day and as soon as I said those two words, Audrey’s eyes lit up. Here’s the conversation that followed:

A: Kid’s day? Where?
M: At the football stadium to watch the team practice. Do you want to come with me and grandpa?
A: Really? Do you think I would really want to go to that?
M: I wanted to make sure I invited you so you didn’t get made and think you were missing out on something.
A: That’s okay.

Where was I? On the couch next to Audrey NOT saying a word to sway her opinion one way or the other…for the record.