Although I just spent almost $80 on groceries at Wal-Mart yesterday, I found myself with a short list of more groceries I needed to (hopefully) get us through the week.

Anyway, rice was one of the things on my list. Thecontainer I store my rice in fits a 5-pound bag almost perfectly. However, when I asked Mike to go to the store to pick up the few things on my list and he asked how much rice he should get, I couldn’t remember that little tidbit of information. We go through rice pretty quickly, and my dear husband knows that (for our favorite dinners of Ma-Po Tofu, Beef with Broccoli, Shrimp Egg Foo Yung, and Pork in Black Bean Sauce), so he came home with a whopping 10-pound bag! I’m hoping rice won’t be on the grocery list for a while!