ECO Iowa City is a grant-funded initiative to improve environmental sustainability in Iowa City. Earlier in the spring they offered industrial pickel barrels turned-rain- barrels to Johnson County residents for $40. Today they offered Earth Machine compost bins (with a how-to manual and kitchen collector included) for $30. Of course, when I heard about this great deal I jumped at the chance! It wasn’t the cool tumbler type I had on my wish list but $30 instead of $130 made the decision a no-brainer! For the rain barrel sale the line of cars with people waiting was so long we waited in the car for an hour. Today my wait was a mere 15 minutes! I have my Darth-Vader-looking bin all set up and ready to compost! May the force be with me!

The not-so-long line of cars.

Pile of kitchen collectors

Mound o'composters!

My "green team."