A couple of days ago I posted this picture on my Facebook page. It had come to my attention over the weekend (after our neighbor’s head was buzzed by a bird during fire-pit night) that we had a Cedar Waxwing next in our crabapple tree. I have effectively avoided the tree – and a 20′ radius of it – ever since. This morning I heard what I thought were the babies in the nest chirping loudly as TONS of birds in our backyard fed on all the seed they dumped from the birdfeeder. For some reason I became worried that the nasty Redwing Blackbirds were trying to get at the babies. I would open the back door to scare all the birds away but it only lasted a few minutes. After I got home from work today I glanced at the nest (behind the protective glass of the patio door) and it doesn’t look like the babies are in the nest anymore. Hopefully they flew the coop and didn’t become someone’s breakfast. I don’t know why I even care. I think I need help.