A couple of years ago the managers at Bagolitas had a training session. Before the session we all did this “Strength Finders” quiz. My top “strength,” according to this quiz, is harmony: the reason why I walk out of the room when there is political debate going on and hardly ever express my opinion on right, left or center. Well, something FINALLY happened to get my undies in a bunch. Here it is…my FIRST EVER post containing my political opinion. You know it had to be something pretty close to my heart to have my dedicate a blog post about it. Mike was the first to alert me to the story. Joe Biden was at my ALL TIME FAVORITE frozen custard place in Glendale, Wisconsin (the city we lived in until 5 years ago) making a public appearance with Senator Russ Feingold. He didn’t take questions from reporters. Just walked in and said, “WHERE’S THE ICE CREAM?” Idiot. He was at Kopp’s FROZEN CUSTARD. The flavors of the day were chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate raspberry cheesecake. What does he choose? Vanilla with chocolate chips sprinkled on top. BLECH. I’m still not declaring my political party affiliation, just speaking out about learning where you are before you open your big mouth. He should be banned from Milwaukee. Forever. I don’t think they would mind.