A friend of mine bought tickets to see Kris Allen (American Idol winner for those of you who, like me, didn’t know) at the Englert theater here in Iowa City last night. Her husband was SUPPOSED to go with her but backed out a week before the concert (stay tuned for my August 14 post). She asked me to go with her so of course I did! Not knowing a single song of his before the concert, I still thought it was really good! Sure, there were a few “bloopers” (one of which was a fall on stage) but it’s probably just because he’s so new at the whole touring/live concert thing. And, at his defense, the stage at the Englert is REALLY TINY so I’m surprised no one else tripped that evening. Turns out I DID know one of his songs. I just thought it was Maroon 5. Need another reason I went? Kris Allen is opening for Keith Urban at his State Fair concert in August. I figured I better learn who the kid is that Keith Urban thinks is so good he’s having him open his show!

The band “Green River Ordinance” opened for Kris Allen. They’re kind of a Fray/Counting Crows sounding band that my friend and I were both pleasantly surprised with. You should definitely check them out!