Ever since Piglet came home with us last October, Audrey’s been anxiously waiting for her turn to be “Star of the Week” in her 1st grade class and the chance to show off Piglet to all her friends. Well today was the big day. Audrey started off her “All About Me” presentation by telling the class facts about herself: her favorite game (Duck Duck Goose), favorite color (purple & pink), what she wants to be when she grows up (a zookeeper), her favorite food (jelly bellys), and showing all the pictures she brought to school on Monday (see “No Respect pt.2” post). Then came time for show & tell with Piglet. Audrey escorted Piglet to each desk and everyone got a chance to give her a gentle pat on the head. Last but not least, each of her classmates 5 rubber band animals, Audrey’s latest obsession. Everything went well and I’m sure I’ll hear more about it when school gets out in about 30 minutes!