Audrey is “Star of the Week” this week in her 1st grade class. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Last year it meant picking out lots of pictures and me staying up until 11:30 writing a cute little poem for her that I read to her kindergarten class after also getting to read them a story. THIS year so far it Audrey needed to pick out 7 pictures to bring then gave me instructions to email her teacher to say when I’m going to bring Piglet in to show her to 21 other first-graders. I can think of nothing Piglet would rather do with her Friday morning. If I had a scanner I could show you which 7 pictures Audrey picked out after combing through photo albums for 45 minutes. Alas, I do not have a scanner. I can, however,  sum up her photo choices in 3 words: “No Mom Included.” I know…poor me.